Canada aims to ban plastic straws and bags by the end of 2022

Canada aims to ban plastic straws and bags by the end of 2022 23/09/2021

Canadian Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault has just announced a draft of the plan that Canada will ban the production, sale and import of plastic bags, foam boxes, plastic cutlery, stir sticks, straws,... by the end of 2022. However, these products can still be manufactured for export. Canadians can comment in writing on this draft until March 5, 2022.

The above regulation specifies how to identify each product. For example, plastic bags are bags made with plastic film that will break or tear if used to hold a mass of 10 kg traveling over a certain distance.

There are some exceptions to single-use plastic straws to accommodate people with disabilities and those who need them for medical purposes. Minister Guilbeault expressed hope that the regulations would come into force by the end of 2022.

Canada đặt mục tiêu cấm ống hút và túi nhựa trong năm 2022

According to a report by Deloitte, in 2016, 3.3 million tons of plastic waste was released into the environment and less than 10% of it was recycled. Canada aims to recycle 90% of its plastic waste by 2030.

Sarah King, head of the oceans and plastics campaign for Greenpeace Canada, says the government is moving too slowly and not being strong enough. According to her, all single-use plastic should be banned, including plastic bottles, coffee cups, etc. Meanwhile, Canada's environmental organization Environmental Defense has welcomed the ban, but is concerned. on plastic export activities will continue to pollute other countries.

A federal government assessment of plastic pollution in 2020 says 77% of the 4.8 million tonnes of polymeric plastics produced in Canada in 2016 were exported.

Ống hút nhựa sẽ biến mất hoàn toàn khỏi Canada trong năm 2022
Plastic straws will completely disappear from Canada in 2022

In June 2019, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that the ban on single-use plastic products would take effect as early as 2021. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed this progress. By May 2021, many companies had joined forces under the banner 'Coalition for Responsible Plastic Use' and had sued the government over the identification of plastic as a hazardous substance. The union argues that the government's move hurts an industry that produces many vital products that do not harm.

Source: Vietnam Plastics Association



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