Notice of Company name change

Notice of Company name change 10/10/2018

Dear: Customers and partners!

First of all, Picomat would like to thank the cooperation and trust of our customers and partners in the past time.

After nearly 10 years of operation and development, PICOMAT brand has become a prestigious brand in the furniture industry in Vietnam. In order to affirm the brand position, expand, develop and elevate the brand, Picomat would like to announce the change of company name to customers and partners as follows:

1. Change company name with details:


ContentOld informationNew informationNote
Company nameCông ty TNHH Nghiên cứu và Phát triển vật liệu PromatCông ty Cổ phần Nhựa PicomatChange
English namePromat Materials Research and Development CO., LTDPicomat Plastic Joint Stock CompanyChange
AbbreviationsPROMAT CO., LTDPICOMATChange
AddressThôn Cầu Liêu, Xã Thạch Xá, Huyện Thạch Thất, TP.Hà NộiThôn Cầu Liêu, Xã Thạch Xá, Huyện Thạch Thất, TP.Hà NộiConstant
Tax code01045180430104518043Constant


2. Since October 15, 2018, Picomat Plastic Joint Stock Company officially uses the company name according to the revised information. The old information about the Company is no longer valid from October 15, 2018, all forms of using the old name of the Company to represent our Company in transactions and relationships with customers are fake and illegal.

3. Since October 15, 2018, we respectfully request our customers and partners when performing transactions, issue payment invoices for our company to use according to the modified information.

4. The name change of this Company does not affect the transactions, relationships, economic obligations as well as the performance of the Contracts signed previously. In case of necessity, customers and partners can sign additional economic contract appendices under this new name.

So Picomat Plastic Joint Stock Company would like to inform customers and partners to know and cooperate in implementation.

Thank you very much!

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